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  • Expected returns of over 30% as Shine Australia One Limited agrees to buy back the shares in 2022 at a pre-agreed price
  • Investment Security - Equity backed
  • Developing 6 x 5-7 MW+ solar farms in Australia
  • Minimum Investment £10,000

Investment Highlights

Our Solar projects will help the government reach targets set on reducing emissions

90% of Australia lies in the worlds most favourable sunbelt.

Why Australian Solar?


High Irradiation and Untapped Potential

Australia is one of the few countries that lie almost entirely within the most favourable sunbelt on the planet. It receives twice as much solar radiation as Germany.

Australia has a high price for electricity, and when combined with high irradiation, this represents a very favourable opportunity for solar development.

Sizeable Peak Demand and High Energy Pricing


An analysis of the renewable energy targets across the market has found that Australia is falling short and needs to develop more renewable capacity, solar is a natural choice.

Government Renewables Targets Falling Short


Land zoning in Australia is different to most of the world in that solar farms have the same use category as farmland, thereby reducing planning risk.


Favourable Planning Conditions

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